Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Here I am at the end of another year, sitting at my desk, working away trying to finish up some projects by working a little later. I’ve got some important things that I need to accomplish before tomorrow night. There are deadlines to be kept, the mess on my desk just doesn’t clear up all by itself. On top of that one of the interns asked to shadow me for a few days and he is constantly asking questions that I’m surprised he doesn’t know the answers to. What is wrong with this generation? You’d think that the schools would teach them to be free thinkers, come up with solutions, find the answer before they make it your problem.

On the other hand I’ve had some one on one time with the CEO, some lengthy conversations, other times quick exchanges as we discuss the status of our unit. I feel like my performance could use some good ol’ Steven Covey inspiration. First Things First. These past few days have been “time wasting” activities. I haven’t contributed much, just flying along on autopilot. Watching the CEO I’m amazed at what she accomplishes in such a short time. Even has time for the intern, their exchanges are always lively, some would say playful.

Friday will be different though. Friday I go back to work.

It’s amazing how just a few days off throws your system off. I’m sure that my wife (the CEO) wonders how my company survives with me let alone without me. Of course if this was the summertime I would have a totally different attitude. I would be outside or at least in the garage, building or fixing something. But even the garage is cold and unattractive. Even sleeping in is a chore with the 8 year old grandson (the intern) an early riser and expecting me to be his entertainment. It takes some energy. I don’t remember my own kids being kids anymore. I am sure that someone got up with them, fed them, clothed them, kissed their scraped knees and held them when they hurt inside. I just having trouble picturing me doing those things.

But I could beat the best of them at Nintendo, until they found out I was cheating. My office phone line had toll free access to the Nintendo help desk so I’d just go on speakerphone until they picked up and then some attentive minimum wage minion at Nintendo would answer my Golgo 13 or Zelda question and I’d return at home a hero. “How’d you figure that out Dad?”, “Well, I just worked it out in between meetings son.” It’s easy to get them to think that they can become Gods when their dad is godlike when it comes to playing games.

No, future vacations belong to the time between April and September. I’m not anywhere close to being helpful during a vacation in December. I don’t shop, I don’t clean, I don’t decorate. I’m not a baker, I don’t ooh and awe over the cute things of Christmas, and I won’t go caroling. The weather is cold, it snows sometimes, the power goes out, and I eat 90% of my annual chocolate allocation from Thanksgiving to New Years Day .

I know, I make the Grinch sound cute and adorable. Go away now. I’ve got to organize my mp3 collection.


Jen said...

You have an EIGHT year old grandson?!! Seriously. I used to babysit your kids. What does that say about me? (Let alone YOU!)

I feel very old now. Thanks.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Jen used to babysit your kids? WOW! I will have to like you then. Jen and Annie are two of my favorite people.

You are a riot. So glad you found me. Can't wait to read more. Do you mind if I check the you're a whack job box?

Haynsy said...

Jen, I have 7 Grandkids now counting the two wonderful ones that came with Summer's new husband, Westin and hottie wife Jessica have a second due in March.

Hey Crash - I've known Annie and Jen since 1983, and they are my favorites too, I don't see enough of them. Of course I prefer whack job as a choice... I love honesty.

Jen said...

Wow - that is a long time! And a lot of grandkids. Congrats on the new one!

And Happy New Year!