Monday, April 6, 2009

Global Warming… I Mean Climatic Change, Has Arrived

I was recently taken to the wood shed by one of my readers; someone that I told was way too serious to read my blog, for calling "Global Warming", well… "Global Warming". I guess the proper term for ignoramuses like me is supposed to be "Climatic Change". The commenter said my ignorance is showing.


If you are here for intellectual stimulation then you took a wrong turn because here we are lots of things, but not intellectual. You are reading the words of a guy who got hit in the head with a fastball at age 12 while playing Little League. I've been hit by a car twice, skydived thrice, and bungee jumped from 170'. All's I'm saying is the score is Intellectual 0, Moron 1.

This brings me to the subject at hand.

Climatic Change.

My blog on Global Warming, I mean Climatic Change worked. I complained about the lack of GW/CC and now we are paying the price.

The Pacific Northwet is in a heat wave.

Okay, three days of lower to mid 70's is not exactly the blazing inferno of hell but we will take it, thank you very much.

Perry Como and Bobby Sherman were right. The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle.

This is why I'm inside.

Because, it's Opening Day for major league baseball and that alone can warm the heart. Right now the score is: Seattle 4, Minnesota 1. Ken Griffffey Jr. blasts a home run his first regular season game since returning home to the Mariners. All is right with the world right now. But it's only the 7th inning. The world can go bad with one pitch.

I spent two days looking at the sun and I don't want to burn out my retinas by overindulging in sun worshipping. It is way too early to lose my tan, I mean rustover. If I go outside I might start to take it for granted. I want to experience opposites but I don't want to get carried away.

Baseball is on TV and it's in high-def.

I know, I know, we may never see it again, the sun. Don't worry, history has shown that it will appear again, I just want to transition to it.

This is baseball. There are some priorities in life and baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and mom are those priorities and what made this country great.

Even if mom doesn't like baseball.

And my loyalties; the Seattle Mariners… and anyone that plays the New York Yankees.


Jen said...

Funny, funny, guy you are.

I'm glad I can claim to be your manager.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

LOL...that made me BELLY laugh...about the Moron and taking a wrong turn! I was hooked! lol!

About Baseball...ummm...I'm going to confess, I kinda like the New York Yankees? Are we still friends?

Haynsy said...

Jen - Unlike others my manager is smoking hot!!

Shelle - Kinda like the Yankees is like saying you kinda like liver. When a real choice is placed before you you'll make the right decision. Still friends.

Annie Valentine said...

If you are miss the only three days of April sunshine in Washington State in exchange for baseball (which can be taped), then yes, you are a moron.

My favorite moron.